Song Sam Dong’s Illness

If you are at episode 12~14 in Dream High, you will know that Sam Dong has an illness that has something to do with his hearing/ear. The drama never specifies and all they say is that he will have hearing loss from time to time, and there is a buzzing sound is his ear. Is this a fake kind of illness or is there a name for this?

Ahh, just figured out what it was! based on one simple line in episode 12~
Anyway, Sam Dong has tinnitus, or basically a ringing sound in the ear, and apparently, he has a temporary but complete loss of hearing for a set amount of time, and it’s random. Poor Sam Dong!!

>>For more info, visit the wikipedia article on tinnitus. lol
>>Oh, or better yet, google it right now! —> tinnitus


One more drama recommendation: Dream High

>> Dream High

–Kirin High School is full of ambitious people who strive towards being a successful person in the entertainment industry. Major change is brought about when a rumored director, played by Bae Yong Joon, enters the school.

–Go Hye Mi is a very tempestuous girl whose dream of becoming a prosperous musician is shattered by the debts of her father, and with this reason, she is constantly harrased by debt collectors, one group in particular. One day, her “follower”, Yoon Baek Hee, unknowingly sends her to the lairs of the debt collector, thinking he was her personal driver. However, it is not exactly ill-intentioned, as the debt collector proposes a plan of her entering the “hateful” Kirin High school, and thus becoming a famous musician and paying off debts. She and Baek Hee go together to the audition and sing a duet, and unexpectedly, Baek Hee is chosen instead of Hye Mi, and so begins the tale of her journey and working her way towards being a musician.