Song Sam Dong’s Illness

If you are at episode 12~14 in Dream High, you will know that Sam Dong has an illness that has something to do with his hearing/ear. The drama never specifies and all they say is that he will have hearing loss from time to time, and there is a buzzing sound is his ear. Is this a fake kind of illness or is there a name for this?

Ahh, just figured out what it was! based on one simple line in episode 12~
Anyway, Sam Dong has tinnitus, or basically a ringing sound in the ear, and apparently, he has a temporary but complete loss of hearing for a set amount of time, and it’s random. Poor Sam Dong!!

>>For more info, visit the wikipedia article on tinnitus. lol
>>Oh, or better yet, google it right now! —> tinnitus


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