Oh, Korean dramas, what have you done to my life? :D

* sigh *
why do we even watch them? Is it because we want to see the end of the story? Or is it because we have nothing to do? No matter the reason, I’m pretty sure we’ve all asked ourselves this. And I have to be honest, I still don’t know why! All I know is, watching Korean dramas relieves a lot of stress, and makes me want to watch even more, for me anyway 😉

I do have some recommended dramas for you drama people, along with a very brief summary:

>>My Princess
Main Characters: Lee Sul, Park Hae Young
Lee Sul has never remembered much about her childhood, only a vague memory of her father promising to come back for her, but that promise was never fullfilled. She later figures out that she is related to the royal family of Korea, in which her father was the hidden son of the last emperor. Hilarity ensues as Lee Sul tries to adapt to her “royal life”, with Hae Young as her guide.

>>Secret Garden
Main Characters: Gil Ra Im, Kim Joo Won
Ra Im is a stuntwoman who one day meets Joo Won by chance. Once they depart, Joo Won can’t help but to think about her, and his yearning leads to some crazy actions and “stalking” on his part. Ra Im comes to like Joo Won, but there comes an issue of her being poor, and that becomes an obstacle in their relationship. Fate brings them together later on, when they both discover a shocking part of their past that they had not known about, partly due to their switching of bodies every time it rains.

>>Paradise Ranch
Main characters: Li Da Ji, Han Dong Joo
A loving couple married at the age of 19 breaks up 6 months later. The series talks about their journey as separate people. Granted, this series just recently started, so I don’t know too much… 😛


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